October 21, 2011

fresh flowers

Growing up, bouquets of fresh flowers were for special occasions.  My dad would bring them home for my mom on particular days when he wanted to tell her how much he loved her; he would send them to my sisters and me at boarding school on Valentine's Day and our birthdays; and each year we would wait anxiously for the tulips and daffodils to come up in the garden so that we could trim them and make bouquets to celebrate spring.  

Now that I've graduated college and am living on my own, I've grown to like flowers in my apartment more and more frequently.  It all started on my birthday when my boyfriend sent these beautiful multi-colored tulips to my office.  As embarrassing as it was to hear all my male co-workers jesting about, "who are they from?" and watching my cheeks grow pinker, I was so proud of him and they made me feel so loved.  Each time I looked at them I felt warm and happy.  I trimmed the stems every other day and changed the water diligently, and I kept those suckers alive for almost 3 weeks... which got my mind reeling.

If I could buy in-season  flowers (thus cheap) from the market (cheaper) every couple of weeks, treating myself to something so special wouldn't be such a bad investment.  Sure it's $5-10 more in groceries every two-three weeks, but I think it's worth it because the gift keeps giving! What begins as an oversized mixed bouquet on the console table in our entryway one week becomes a few cut flowers in a bud vase 2 weeks later on my bedside table.  I've realized that having fresh flowers around lightens the mood and makes our apartment look so crisp.  And they make me so happy!   

Then how about some mums on the fire escape?  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Ok, so I've really gotten into this new flower kick, but I swear I'm not the lonely woman sending herself bouquets from "secret admirers."....yet.

Happy weekend.

p.s. Please disregard the quality of these photos! My camera is at my parents house and will be back on Monday!

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