October 27, 2011

tour of our pad

As promised, I've completed an apartment tour.

Some disclaimers are probably necessary.  We love our apartment.  It serves the two of us so perfectly, and we finally feel a little bit like grown-ups.  That being said, it's not the newly remodeled house of our dreams, nor is it perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  It has radiators that clang and hiss (the heat just started to turn on around here, and this was a nice little surprise in the middle of the night).  The building is OLD and the floors creak, which also means that our neighbors above us have creaky floors, which we hear constantly.  And the bathrooms and kitchen leave much to be desired.  As in, when my boyfriend saw my bathroom for the first time he said, "It reminds me of college."  Which, at least in our cases, is not exactly what we are nostalgic for when we remember those times in our lives.  The floorboards are uneven, the walls are cracked, some tiles are missing from our bisque-tiled (barf) bathrooms, etc. etc.  It's a mess.  But it's our mess.

And, again, let me make it sooo so so so clear.  We love it.  I don't mean to sound ungrateful.  I am so lucky to have gotten to this place in my life that I can afford to live on my own and support myself.  I am healthy and happy, and my cup is full with abundant gifts.  I look around everyday and remember all the hard work it took (and still takes) to keep all of this a reality.  And I am happy.  This is great.  I breath a little deeper.  Then I remember to stop day-dreaming and get back to work.  Like my dad always said, "The bills won't pay themselves." (Did anyone's dad not say that?).

And, with that said... Please, come in.  Enter our cute, little home....  It's a work in progress, and you're coming along for the ride, right?  RIGHT!?  Ok, phew.  Thanks.

View to right from front door:

View straight ahead of entryway: 
My roommate's bathroom

View to right from front door:
Living room

Enter the door next to the bookshelf in the living room: 
My roommate's bedroom

Other side of the house: 

Down the entryway hall to the left: 
Our tiny kitchen 
(we say we have two bathrooms but only half a kitchen...priorities!)

And straight through the doors at the end of the entryway hall: 
The large anti-room I haphazardly described here

The door in the far side of the "office-throw-all-dressing-room": 
My bathroom 
(which is so tiny that getting a picture of it is impossible, so please bear with me!)

And, the door on the far left of that same room, which lines up with the entryway hall, etc: 
My bedroom

And there you have it!  That's all she wrote.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey I think its a great space. If you love coming home, then those imperfections mean nothing. Great job...its lovely.

  2. Thanks, Norma. It's coming along... We've only lived here for two months, so we feel like we're right on track! Thanks for visiting!