house tour

Welcome to our home!  We live in the neighborhood of Beacon Hill in Boston, MA.  This is our 2 1/2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in a charming, old building.  Thanks for stopping by! (You can read more about our apartment here and here).

View to right from front door:

View straight ahead of entryway: 
My roommate's bathroom

View to right from front door:
Living room

Enter the door next to the bookshelf in the living room: 
My roommate's bedroom

Other side of the house: 

Down the entryway hall to the left: 
Our tiny kitchen 
(we say we have two bathrooms but only half a kitchen...priorities!)

And straight through the doors at the end of the entryway hall: 
The large anti-room I haphazardly described here

The door in the far side of the "office-throw-all-dressing-room": 
My bathroom 
(which is so tiny that getting a picture of it is impossible, so please bear with me!)

And, the door on the far left of that same room, which lines up with the entryway hall, etc: 
My bedroom

And there you have it!  That's all she wrote.  Thanks for stopping by!