about me

Hi! I'm Jawsie (like the shark).  Or, at least that's what my family calls me.... How does a relatively "normal" mid-twenties girl from the north east get the nickname to match that of a man-eating shark? Good question. 

I am the third girl in my family and it's fair to say my parents fully expected me to be a boy... Doctors word and everything.  (I guess sonograms were fuzzy in the 80's?!). No matter!  A few reassuring comments later (a la "she won't remember her nursery was built for a boy or the fact that her receiving blanket is blue"), they were happy to have me!  As I became more mobile in my toddler years, I was a bit different than my two older pink-and-princess-loving sisters-- I liked to tackle, destroy, and wreak havoc on everything and anything in my path.  The Jaws theme song, play it in your head, became something like my theme song-- a warning sign for destruction.  My mom would sing the tune (dun nun, dun nun...)  as I left the kitchen on my hell-raising path for my sisters wooden block castle in the playroom, or as I escaped the bathtub and was now "loose" running down the hall in my sopping wet birthday suit.  I was Jaws, but the name got "cuter" by making it "Jawsie." Sound strange?  You'll get used to it.  My sisters would scream, assume knight-like positions, and box me out, protecting their precious world. I learned to be quick, sneaky, and a little bit naughty just to get around their defense. And here I am today.

I like to think that I've grown into the name.  I'm a fighter, though not of the physical variety, and my determination has gotten me to a great "place" in my mid-twenties.  I work hard, play hard, fail hard, and always, always dream big. My experiences pushing my way through barriers and past so-called limits have allowed me to find myself.  This blog is a showcase of that person; a bite out of my life shared in bits and pieces.  Hence the title.  

Oh, and my parents finally got a boy.  It just took another try!

Thanks for visiting!

p.s. Edited by demand, I have included this video, which is completely gratuitous...