November 18, 2011

from the hills to the piers

After a long day on foot, my adventure in San Francisco continued with a visit to Alcatraz, The Ferry Building, Fisherman's Wharf, Lombard Street, and China Town.  As far as Jawsie's guide to seeing SF goes, these sights are a must. (Tip #7 [see]: all these things.  The only thing you'll pay for on this full day of sight seeing is a boat ticket and your lunch...)

The boat to Alcatraz left at 11am, and I ran to make my reservation with breakfast in hand.  

You could say that Alcatraz was cool and that the views were OK...  Too bad the weather was so bleh....

Holy crap.  You guys, that was a joke!!! It was absurdly pretty and so interesting.  I pretty much relayed the entire audio tour to my boyfriend back in Boston through 109834 text messages because I thought every fact was SOOOO cool.  I mean, this is was jail? A maximum security penitentiary?  What do I have to do for real estate like this?

Next was the Ferry Building for lunch at il Cane Rosso.  One word: yum!  

That was fresh broccoli root soup with a hot chili relish and half a slow-cooked pork shoulder sandwich with mustard greens,  caramelized onions, and aioli.  Do you need me to repeat that sentence?

Then I headed back down to Pier 39, where I met my new best friends...

I watched them for at least 25 minutes....  not kidding.

And then my iPhone 4 took this photo of the Fisherman's Wharf sign:

And I walked up the hill to the curvy block of Lombard Street.

Did I mention that you get these views for free in San Francisco?  Everywhere you turn there is something beautiful.

Next, I circled back to China town to check it out.  Strolling the streets lined with Asian markets was amazing.  Though the hanging chickens in the window and drying fish in buckets don't lend to the greatest olfactory experience, this part of town is not to be missed.

That night, I met up with some college friends at Mamacitas in the Marina.  If you like Mexican food, and you're in San Francisco, you must try this place.  It was so fresh and delish!  If you go here, the Chilaquiles Casi Listos is to DIE for (as is the ceviche, enchiladas, and everything else on the menu).

I'll be back later today to detail my last adventure in San Francisco.  I'll give you a hint.... I didn't get any less touristy.  

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