November 16, 2011

sf sunday

If there is any question about what my Sunday was like after 4 hours on a party trolley, I'll spell it out for you here: f-o-o-t-b-a-l-l. on a couch. food from delivery boys. no moving.  We were pooped after our full Saturday and were happy to rest.  The great thing about California is that football starts at 10am.  This fact, combined with the time change (for me it was 3hrs. different than east coast time plus another hour change due to DST) made for a very relaxing Sunday.  We emerged for an early dinner at a delicious French restaurant on Union St. called Gamine.  I ordered the Warm Goat Cheese and Arugula Salad and the Moules Mariniere (mussels with white wine, parsley, and garlic) and was in H-E-A-V-E-N.  So good.  The restaurant (plus a few bottles of Malbec for the table) was a little bit of a splurge as far as SF on a budget goes, but because it was the only real meal of the day, I was totally cool with it!

After dinner I was lured across the street by this store, where I wish I could have purchased furniture for an entire house.  I'm obsessed with eclectic antiques mixed with newer pieces.  And this store was exactly that. Of all the things I saw, there was one piece in particular that caught my eye, and now I think I have all the inspiration I need for my dresser project.

It had this rustic, distressed look with a modern punch, but it was still so beautiful and classic.  Gold and orange look great together, and it would go so well with some natural accents and my favorite color: navy blue.  What do you think?

Photo dump and a SF walking tour (guided by moi, who had never been to San Francisco before last week) coming later today!  I saw so much in a day, and I really surprised myself.  And now, you can do it too.

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