November 15, 2011

party trolley!

San Francisco day two.

1. Coffee
1a. Breakfast?
2. Hike
3. Rest
4. Take a deep breath

1. One of the things I love about California is Peet's Coffee.  Heck, I love Peet's Coffee back east, but brewing it for myself just isn't the same.  Re: the feeling I woke up with on Saturday morning that was akin to 1,000,000 staples in my head, it is safe to say I really, really needed some coffee.  I walked to Peet's on Chestnut St., where I waited in line among 35 of the most beautiful, well-toned women I've ever seen wearing spandex.  (Tip #4 [wear]: when in The Marina, where spandex.  It's a uniform.  All day, everyday.  Trust me.)  I too was wearing spandex (because I had worn them to bed), but I'm pretty sure my blood shot eyes and dopey gaze didn't help me blend into the crowd.  Needless to say, I was a little self conscious. With my coffee in hand, I walked butt-first to the sidewalk, where I found a bench to sit down and relax.

1a. A few of my friends and I met up at Polker's Gourmet Burgers in Russian Hill (2226 Polk Street) for brunch.  Sounds like a lunch/dinner joint, but I'm pretty sure the gourmet part of their name is because of their breakfast/brunch menu.  Had I been feeling better, this would have been an excellent place to eat.  I ordered the Fresh Herb Scrambler (fresh basil, zucchini, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese), which I would recommend to anyone, but I couldn't even make a dent... Then we were told to "Quick, get ready."  And, just like that, were going on a hike...

2. Across the Golden Gate Bridge is Muir Woods National Monument.  Remember, this was the first time I had seen/crossed the GGB, and it is safe to say I was COMPLETELY obsessed/a Japanese tourist (not to generalize, but you know the ones who visit NYC for the first time and take pictures of side walk grates/Starbucks/generic grey building A,B,C,&D/etc....This is me admitting that I get it. I was that way in SF).  Anyway, if you've seen the new prequel to Planet of the Apes, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, this is the forest where Caesar climbs high in the trees and feels like a real ape, and you understand how beautiful it is.  Actually, you have no idea because a picture doesn't do it justice, but to give you an idea, the pictures below aren't even edited to increase the color intensity.  Muir Woods is the real deal.

3./4.  Rest/ Deep breath.  Need I say more?

5. Party Trolley.  Almost just as self explanatory as #3/#4, but so much more fun.  This was my friend Daniel's Surprise 25th Birthday Party, of which the only thing that had actually remained a surprise was the fact that the party trolley had not been canceled due to bad weather.  Picture this: 40 people, one trolley (on wheels, not tracks), an open bar, a moving tour of San Francisco, four hours, pouring rain.  And if you don't already get it, all of that = FUN!


no competition...

Birthday boy and hosts

A happy birthday, a full day, a fun night, good friends, great cheer, and a successful first full day in San Francisco! 

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