November 21, 2011

a weekend in jupiter

...And I don't feel any stupider.  In fact, I feel very smart, well-rested, and refreshed!

My boyfriend's family bought a house in Jupiter, FL last April, and it is the best place to escape for the weekend.  First of all, traveling from Boston (at least if you live in the city) is the best experience ever, and I realize all of us Beantowners are very spoiled.  I leave my apartment one hour before take-off.  Walk 15 minutes to South Station.  Take the 10 minute Silver Line bus/train ($2) to Logan Airport.  Breeze through security.  Buy a water, snack, and magazine for the trip.  And board the plane.  That JetBlue flies directly to West Palm Beach, which is a 15 minute drive from said house in Jupiter, is the icing on the cake in this ideal weekend getaway.

Making for the perfect weekend, the weather Gods gave us this nice little nod....

And it also helped that we had nothing planned.  We drove the golf cart to the beach, had jumping contests in the pool, ate meals outside, napped on the couch, and spent some great quality time with the fam.

They say beauty is only skin deep.  Here's to hoping it works for ugliness, too!

We are also very, very tan on the inside.  The skin is just a facade.

The unsinkable Molly Brown...

A huge thank you goes out to my boyfriend's family for hosting us for such a spectacular weekend.  We had so much fun and enjoyed relaxing and recharging so much.  If the Farmer's Almanac is even half-way correct for Winter 2012, we will be back for some relief very soon!

There is an exciting winter coming to the Northeast!

If you're thinking to yourself, "Geez, Jawsie has really traveled a lot recently!"  I can assure you, so is Jawsie. October and November were quite busy: BOS-->LEB (x2)-->BOS-->SFO-->BOS-->PBI-->BOS-->NYC-->HOME SWEET HOME (CT).

This week I am so thankful to be home with my family in Connecticut.  Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday, and this week is just what the doctor ordered.  

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