November 14, 2011

i'm baaaack!

I'm moving! I mean, I must move.  I mean, I just can't not move.  I mean, I should save money so that I can move. I mean, ahhhhhhhhh I have a problem, and I'm obsessed.....Oh, San Francisco.  It's all I can think of these days.  If you've never been, GO!  If you're there, DO YOU HAVE AN EXTRA BEDROOM?

My week in SF was spectacular.  Going there was the best gift I've ever given myself.  The pictures you see of the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street, The Bay, Alcatraz, and the rest of the city do not lie.  San Francisco is the most breathtaking city I've ever seen.  The water is that blue and the bridge is that red.  The hills are much steeper and longer than a picture can do justice, and the people are really, truly kind and relaxed and beautiful and fun.  Let me see if I can say one negative about my whole experience there.... hmmmmm.  The cab from the airport was expensive?  That's all I've got...

I'm going to break my trip down for you.  This week is officially Jawsie's Guide to Seeing San Francisco: 5 days of fun on a budget!!  I ate well, saw many sights, walked A LOT, and had a blast.  Are you with me?

East coaster heads west.  San Francisco night one.  Ready?  GO!

Lion Pub in Pacific Heights.  (Jawsie's guide to SF tip #1 [imbibe]: go to this bar. 2062 Divisadero St.)  Bring cash for the bar (no plastic accepted here) and order the Greyhound (they squeeze the grapefruit juice right there in front of you), and you'll love it!  This cozy bar was the perfect meetup place for our group consisting of SF locals and east coasters coming in all night from a long (!!!!!! long! long! long! 6hr 40min) flight.  If you drink enough and smile enough because you're seeing old friends and loving life, your mouth might get this big....remember, my name is Jaws, and I did admit I've grown into the name....

High school reunion: Colin, Reisa, half of Matt, the birthday boy Daniel, and me!  

And then it was time to go home, er, down the hill to my friend's apartment in the Marina.  He was nice enough to let me crash in his bed while he was in Alabama at the big game.  (Jawsie's guide to SF tip numero dos [budget]: STAY AT A FRIEND'S HOUSE). Ohhhh the hills on a stomach full of greyhounds.  (Tip #3 [wisdom]: the hills are like a roller coaster (long, steep downhills intersect with flat cross roads and cabs take these transitions FAST), so be prepared for your stomach to drop).  No matter your BAC, be prepared to feel a tad queasy.

Be warned.  The next morning my head felt like this:

Steiner and Chestnut St.

But, we fought through the pain and headed out of town on an adventure.  People in San Francisco actually do things on the weekends, even when they have hangovers; this is an amazing trait, and it is a huge contributor to my desire/need to move to San Francisco.  The lifestyle is active, fun, outdoors-centric, and non-intimidating.  People have always said these things about California, and now I get it.  I have had a sip of the Kool-Aid.

Day 2 coming tomorrow...

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