November 25, 2011

gobble, gobble...

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving!  We were missing a few members of our family--my sisters were both with their significant others and their families and one family of my cousins was home in New Jersey because Hurricane Irene did a number on their CT house--but we were thankful nonetheless.  

My Dad was particularly thankful for a successful first fried turkey.  After hearing all the horror stories, our turkey fry was pretty uneventful!  The end result?  "Perfect."  Or, at least, that's what everyone else thought.  I might be the only person on earth to feel this way, but I hated the fried bird.  It was moist and flavorful, and it was perfectly seasoned, marinated, and cooked, but it just didn't do it for me.  Call me traditional or unadventurous, but I prefer the roasted version.  Thankfully, we had both!  

how many turkeys does it take to fry a turkey?

We're off to the paddle courts for the day and have another huge dinner with 20 family members tonight.  We've transformed the livingroom/dining room and prepared the meal.  On the menu?  Lasagna and left over Thanksgiving sides.  Yum.  

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.  Gobble, gobble!

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